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Per Heistad
Sales and Marketing Problem Solver
Software, SaaS

  • Marketing, Lead Generation, Sales expert 
  • 7 years contracted to American Express Financial Advisors
  • 10 years of experience with early stage, owner operated businesses 
  • Focus on innovative products/services that require salesmanship


Sales is a science because the work of sales can be modeled, measured, replicated, duplicated, repeated and scaled.

The Science of Sales is well known to established, industry leading companies.
When a company uses a sales system built on the Science of Sales, the entire company is focused in the same direction, the sales department is bigger than the salespeople and revenue is more predictable.


I view Per as my thinking coach. Over the last 13 years, Per has helped me think innovatively and creatively about my business opportunities. He helps me view situations or business problems from a unique angle. He does not allow my experience or job description to limit my thinking. He recently helped me through an important meeting with my CEO where he helped me discover strategic insights rather than tactical solutions.
— Michael Abt, Arby's Senior VP of Operations (Former)

As Per and I worked together, it became apparent that he had a skill at uncovering what my business’ fundamental issues were and then how to fix them. He forced us to look deeply into the root causes of our situation and then develop solutions to fix the root causes. His insight and guidance spanned the entire spectrum of business functions. However, he was especially skilled at diagnosing people, the business structure and strategies, and how they related to each other. His consulting is still having an impact on my business 1 year after he finished his work.
— Rusty Field, VP of FEPS, American Express Financial Advisors